Tools that Can Help You Through a Spiritual Awakening


At some point in your life, your Soul Contract will take charge and put you on your path toward your ultimate destiny. This may result in a gigantic shift in your surroundings, which may disrupt your peace momentarily for you could have been very happy in your daily surroundings, but they weren’t serving your greater good.

This gigantic shift in your surroundings will alter your perception of the world.

And this shift may incur great difficulty in accepting.

You may find yourself falling into a depression or confusion over your life path.

But do not fear for you are embarking on your greatest path of self-discovery.

You are entering your first Spiritual Awakening.

A spiritual awakening is an exciting chapter of your life, although when you are deeply in it, it may not feel this way. You may be struggling to understand, may feel a loss of control, or simply wish to reject the changes before you.

But there is no other solution other than to dive deep through this process. You cannot avoid it, for it will only linger until you face it.

And so, to help you confront yourself, and this stage of your life, I have put together my favorite spiritual tools. These spiritual practices will assist you in your healing journey as you stand stronger than ever before.

You can access the full playlist here.  You can also find an in-depth perspective on Spiritual Awakening in my book Align with Soul.

#1: Understanding the Spiritual Awakening Process

Entering a spiritual awakening can be a daunting feeling… everything you once knew is being completely ripped up and turned around. You may feel at a loss for words, unsure of what to do or where to go. Take a deep breath and watch this easy video that explains how to heal from the transformation process of Spiritual Awakening.

#2: How do You Know You’re Experiencing Spiritual Awakening 

In the video below I share how you know if you are having a spiritual awakening, what the signs are, and how you can deal with it. Most people encounter at least one spiritual awakening or dark night of the soul in their lifetime.

#3: Settling in with Our New Self

Spiritual Awakening can leave us feeling ungrounded and a little bit lost. Our personality shifts, and we don’t feel like ourselves anymore. This video will help you find your core again through a healthy routine that will ground you back into your everyday life.

#4: Meditation for Acceptance

I love meditation. It’s a regular practice of mine, and I love what it brings into my life. As we’re going through the healing process it can help us recenter and find calm in the rough sea. I always recommend meditation, because I know it can help create the space we need to heal. I’ve created the guided meditation below, to assist with an issue most people that go through Spiritual Awakening go through, and it’s accepting this new perception of life.

#5: Journaling for Self Discovery

Journaling is another tool that I use regularly and always recommend to people on their healing journey. In the video below I am sharing the importance of journaling, and how it can assist you in the self-discovery that happens after Spiritual Awakening. I’m also including some helpful journaling prompts.

#6: Sound Healing for Releasing Stuck Energies 

Sound Energy can help you release stuck energies from your body. This video will help you cleanse your energy quickly but mighty powerfully. Relax, breathe deeply, and let the sounds of the singing bowls calm your vibrations and soothe your soul.

#7: Poetry to Find Emotional Release and Connection

I find poetry very healing, and a beautiful way of expressing what we are going through. We can share our thoughts and struggles through a creative outlet, and we can connect with other people’s experiences, and learn from them, which enables us to heal easier and not feel so alone. Below is a poetry reading and analysis from my poetry book Define Me, Divine Me about the internal struggle.

#8: Grounding to Realign Your Power with Your Soul

Grounding is a wonderful tool that encourages confidence and self-love. Emotionally charged experiences, like a Spiritual Awakening, can leave us feeling un-grounded and airy. We can have problems connecting with everyday life, and even finding meaning in the small day-to-day moments. Grounding is going to pull us back into our bodies and help us see meaning again. This video will tell you all about grounding and the different ways to do it.

#9: Spiritual Awakening and Depression

Big shifts can leave us feeling down for longer periods of time. I’ve created a video where I share my experience with depression and in pt.2 I share some of the tools that have helped me get through it.

If you’re feeling depressed, I encourage you to reach out for help. Speak to your friends, and family, or call a helpline.

#10: Don’t Lose Hope

When we are going through Spiritual Awakening we can fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the video below I’ve created a quick way to clear out that old stagnant energy that is weighing you down. Sometimes life doesn’t work the way we hoped it would. So what do we do? We pick ourselves up and move forward, and we keep going.

There are plenty more videos in my “The Spiritual Awakening Journey” YouTube playlist that you might benefit from. 

Let me know if there is a specific topic you would like me to address to assist you even further. 

I hope this collection of tools will be helpful on your journey and will give you the comfort and the knowledge you need as you’re going through your own Spiritual Awakening. 

Love, Phoebe

2 responses to “Tools that Can Help You Through a Spiritual Awakening”

  1. S. Morrow says:

    Hi Phoebe,

    I really loved your article and the tools that you used during this weird, yet profound experience that I’ve come to know as a Spiritual Awakening. Have you any experience dealing with spiritual attachments/intrusions/dark entity possessions during your Dark Night of the Soul? I’m wondering about aftercare and protection following an exorcism. Thanks!

    • Phoebe Garnsworthy says:

      Hello S! Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I have dealt with dark energy attachments before, both to myself and other people. To help find the best solution, I journey to the spirit realm to ask for guidance from my soul, and there I am shown how to cleanse the attachment. I then create a specific ritual for energy protection and energy cleansing to heal, and often repeat this a few times. The two best practices are always energy protection, imagining a protective ring of fire around your energy, or a reflective bubble. AND, I love using white light to cleanse my aura, my house, my space, and this ensures consistent cleansing and protection! I hope this helps! xo Phoebe

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