Bondi Beach Sydney Travel Stories

Travel Stories: Bondi Beach


I ran along the beach and felt the cool breeze kiss my chest with soft whispers of hidden lands. They sounded like they were calling my name, reminding me that it was time to move overseas once more. I craved to explore different experiences, different cultures, different ways. I needed to understand the lessons from the universe that I had yet been exposed to. My feet smacked the sand in line with my breathing, and it vibrated in my ears like a musical heartbeat. My mind relaxed and my spirit opened up to a higher level of consciousness. The sun above shone down brightly, and it kissed my skin with warmth and love.

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I paused on top of the cliff edge that towered over the ocean below. From afar I caught a glimpse of my own reflection. Who was this girl staring back at me? Was she happy? Did she know what happiness truly meant? And I breathed in deeply as I indulged in the panoramic view.

The powerful waves crashed fearlessly onto the rocks below, and I wondered if I too had the same strength inside of me. The power to leap into the unknown without fear. But, I felt like something inside of me was missing. Even though I believed that I had courage, something was stopping me from using it.

With one daunting question continuing to appear in my mind . . .

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Was I good enough to achieve my dreams?

My head was filled with internal conflicting thoughts. Of being true to myself and the person I wanted to become. There was so much more I wanted to do with my life and yet, I felt suppressed. I was here, trying hard to find my way, and yet I didn’t feel like I was trying at all. It was easy to fall down the path of self-doubt. A lonely tunnel of despair.

Striving for acceptance, yet hopelessly unaware that the only person who could save me was myself.

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To my guides who are with me, thank you for giving me courage, faith, patience, and strength. I trust that you are looking after me. I open my heart to the higher consciousness of truth and positivity. Please bring the answers to my questions and help me clarify my destiny. I love you.

Thank you.

solo travel stories australia

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