who am i


The greatest question we can ask ourselves. And yet, it is one that somehow continues to haunt us throughout our lives. Even though perhaps we have sometimes found the answer, we ourselves, are in a constant state of evolving, that the answer continues to change.

Who am I?
What am I on this Earth for?
What is my purpose?
What is the meaning of Life?

The usual questions that although, there is no blanket answer to them, there are a few tools that we can adapt into our life to be able to provide us with the clarity and wisdom that we seek.

I’ve put together the most important spiritual practices that will help connect you back with your eternal soul, and open the pathway for your intuition to speak loudly.


The first thing you need to do is get in a regular practice of being alone and honoring this sacred space. This is when we gather strength in our heart. The more you get comfortable being alone, the louder your soul will sing. In this quiet space have a journal and pen ready so that you can play with the questions and answers that you seek.

  1. Ask Spirit for Guidance

    In a meditative state, speak your intention clearly and ask for spirit to assist you with your question.

  2. Meditate – Daily

    The more you meditate, the clearer the channel between you and your Higher Self will become. You will find yourself with more clarity and confidence as you go about your day.

  3. Find a Creative Outlet

    Examples of this could be drawing, singing, gardening, writing, playing. Anything where you stop thinking and allow your Soul to take charge. You want to allow the passions within your heart to break free, to move through your body perform like magic in front of you.

  4. Connect with Nature

    This could be simply taking care of a plant in your home, to walking in a garden, park, forest, mountain, beach, rainfall – anything where you can connect with the energy of the Universe. We are all connected, the vibrations in our heart matches the energy of nature and the Universe, by spending time together the answers you seek will become easier to understand.

Journalling in the forest amongst the trees

After you get in the habit of doing these things often, start taking note of how you feel.

1. What things make me happy.

2. What brings me excitement, peace and love?

3. How do I want to spend my time? 

And focus on including these into your life every day. The more time you spend on your own, the deeper your understanding for yourself will come through. From this space you will get comfortable figuring out how to take care of yourself and what things make you feel good. And these are the components of answering the question – WHO AM I!

From here, you will develop self-love and self-care, and in turn this will prompt you to figure things out. Establish boundaries, self-reflect and self-accept. All key components that lead to answer the sacred questions of ‘who am I’, and ‘why am I here’.

What’s your favorite way to spend time alone?

Love Phoebe


Self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance are the key components of all my creations. Be sure to check out my guided meditations and books.

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