Spiritual Practices to Live By
Looking for a spiritual 101 introduction? In this playlist I share simple practices that you can easily incorporate into everyday life, that will help you live a more spiritual and grounded life.
About Me & My Books
Interested in learning more about my spiritual work? Questions about my beliefs, or how I became an author? In this playlist you will learn some personal stories about me, and also information on my books, ecourses and meditations!
Guided Meditations
My guided meditations combine spiritual philosophy and creative visualizations to cleanse and recharge your energy, empowering you to step into your greatest self, gifting you the confidence and self-loving tools to pursue your goals. Each meditation finishes with uplifting positive affirmations and manifesting vibrations to support you throughout your day.
Spiritual Healing Tools
How to heal through spiritual energy is woven through all of my work. Here, you will learn how to incorporate the best spiritual practices to support your healing journey, and build your own confidence while doing so.
Spiritual Questions - How to . . .
Here, you will find explanations of spiritual practices and techniques as well as personal stories and opinions on various subjects. If you have a question for me, send me an email and I will include it in my next video!
Guided Rituals
Looking for some guidance on how to create your own spiritual rituals? In this ritual playlist I show you how to set up your sacred space, ignite a manifesting ritual for the new and full moons, and much more!

A lot of these guided rituals are from my spiritual books - Align with Soul, Daily Rituals and Sacred Space Rituals. All available worldwide!
A Self-Love Guide
Looking for advice on how to love yourself? Perhaps you know how important self-love is but you are lacking the tools and knowledge to make the changes that you seek. Have a look at this playlist I've put together that contains the best of the best on everything related to self-love!
Spiritual Poetry Readings
Spoken word poetry can inspire creative thoughts and emotions to blossom. In these videos, I read extracts from my poetry books - Define Me Divine Me and Still the Lotus Flower Blooms. Available worldwide.
The Spiritual Awakening Journey
Looking for guidance on the spiritual awakening journey? You don't have to do it alone. Have a look through my favorite spiritual practices, tools and techniques to learn how to navigate this unknown process and to self-soothe.

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