Bedrest diaries – 33 weeks, 2 days.

6 weeks and 5 days to go.

I come to you with open palms and a heavy heart, seeking healing. Seeking transformation. I am ready to lighten this burden upon my chest and move forward with strength and resilience. I have endured the pain I have needed to.

I am ready to let go and move on. I am ready for my life to change for the better. To release this stress and heal my life.

I close my eyes and feel the beauty within me. Here I find hope, happiness, and opportunity for transformation. I choose to align with these vibrations of love. I choose to receive the abundance of healing energy that surrounds me. I open my heart and listen to my soul.

I let go of the past, releasing any fears or regrets, as I choose to step forward with grace and resilience. I am strong and capable of achieving my dreams. My blessings are coming to me. All is as it should be. I trust my path. I hold tightly to faith. And I surrender with kindness into whatever may come.

It seems to be a pattern of mine to feel the struggles deeper toward the end of the week. On Thursday mainly, like clockwork, I feel the weight of everything catching up to me, and it weighs heavy on my chest, making it difficult to breathe. Although I know all will be okay there is a moment of confusion, of sadness, and despair. Of frustration and anger, and all of the emotions that usually float through my mind have now built up upon each other and are carrying the torch forward. I know what I need to do, I must listen and then release.

I take deep breaths and let go of any energy that is holding me back from aligning with my truth. I acknowledge their existence but remind myself they are merely visitors, they will not stay, they will move forward and let go. And I can help them move forward. I can release and transform that energy. I can surrender to what is and be at peace with the now. I remind myself of the power of acceptance. And I turn my attention inwards, feeling the glowing, loving light energy of my true divinity within, sparking the way for the future of what will be, knowing that I am always held in the infinite love of the universe at all times.

Ps. If you’re feeling this way too, I recommend listening to the suggested meditations for energy healing.

Love Phoebe

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