When You Need to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

The time has come for you to let go of those thoughts and be at peace with your mind. Those negative thoughts will never help you. They are weighing you down and holding you back from allowing yourself to shine as the radiant, divine light that you are.

You have so much love within you. And this love in your heart beats in harmony with the vibrations of the Universe. You encompass all the talents, intelligence, and possibilities to attain the success that you desire, but you can’t receive your destiny while holding onto these negative vibrations. You cannot step into your greatest self until you let go of those dark and heavy thoughts. You cannot be free to live as your authentic self while you are focusing on any energy that is keeping you small.

You are destined for greatness. You have the ability to create any life that you want, and you can be anyone that you wish to be. You have so much potential, so many talents, and endless possibilities around you that can raise you up high. But you are holding yourself back because you keep choosing to listen to limiting beliefs. And you are stopping yourself from succeeding because you are focusing your attention on the past.

It’s because you are choosing to align with pain, when really, you need to live in alignment with love. And you have so much love within you. You have so much love around you. You are an abundance of loving-light energy that is always surrounded with healing love from Source Creation.

So today choose to let go of those painful thoughts and limiting beliefs. Choose to release them. Face them head-on, and feel them. Accept them, but know that they don’t belong to you. Know that you can choose to let them go. Use your breath, use your body, use your mind to release and renew that energy within you. Dance, scream, shout, sing, do anything that moves that energy from your mind and opens the space for new vibrations to take their place. Remember your power to create your destiny. Remember your ability to transmute energy. Remember your strength to gravitate toward high vibrations. And remember your power to choose your thoughts.

Today choose thoughts that lift you up higher. Choose thoughts that support your greater good. Choose thoughts that align with the deep inner yearnings of your soul that nurture your vibration, that feed you love and harmonize your energy. Choose thoughts that make you feel good, make you feel healthy, and inspire spiritual growth. Choose to align with the best version of yourself possible, and find the thoughts that support that version of you.

And any thought that doesn’t unify with this wonderful manifestation of who you are and the life you wish to lead, simply let them go and pick up something new to invite into its place. Extract from my new book “When You Need a Reminder of How Loved You Are” available worldwide at your favorite bookstore! Purchase your copy here.

Love Phoebe

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