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“An inspiring journey of resilience and self-discovery – exactly the reminder we all need.”



Dear Soul
Even though it feels like everything in my life is falling apart, I believe in you.
I believe in your divinity. I believe in your power.
I believe that you are supporting and guiding me forward.
I trust that the answers will come forth to me when the time is right, and for now, I will hold faith to keep walking forward and to keep standing strong.
I promise to surrender and believe.
I know that when I surrender, I will receive.
And so, I will release my fear of the unknown by believing that all is as it should be.
And if I find myself in doubt of your greatness, I will kneel upon the ground, place my hands upon the Earth, and surrender, surrender, and surrender while knowing the truth that all your blessings are already within me.
I will close my eyes and listen to your guidance without hesitation.
I will find my power within to persevere.
I will heal my energy with the nurturing vibrations of Source Energy.
I will surrender with faith into your love.


A note from Phoebe

We all need something more in our life. We are constantly searching for the answers to our internal questions. Sometimes we are seeking validation, sometimes peace, sometimes guidance on how to heal and let go and move forward. We are always searching outside for these answers, for this guidance and wisdom, ignoring the fact that our intuition is the only advice that we need. And we only remember this truth when we finally receive the answers that we seek and recognize that the truth already exists within us, it has just been laying dormant for a while. This book is aimed to ignite the voice of your intuition within you, and remind you of the wisdom that you need to hear today. Written in a short open-page format, this book will provide you with the answers that you need today. The chapters are short (two-page spread), so that you are reading the words straight to the point. And as you read them you will realize that they are the voice of your soul speaking clearly to you. Think of them as your little motivational ‘pep-talk’ if you will, from your favorite aunt or friend. The one who always knows exactly what you need, even when you don’t know yourself.

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