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From the Author:

The inspiration to write this poetry book came to me when reflecting over my journal entries from the last 5 years. The journey for a creative soul can be lonely at times, we are always searching for motivation and encouraging signs from the Universe to keep going, despite the struggles that we face. No matter how many times we are pushed down in our life, we need to rise again. We need to persevere and believe in ourselves, because if not, we are denying the voice of our soul. We are ignoring the cravings of our authentic self. And this is not the pathway to happiness. The journey to life fulfillment is through doing the things that bring us joy. It’s through allowing our soul to dream and to dance in the magical realm of existence. But not always are we so optimistic about our life path, especially when faced with so many challenges. So, I wanted to create a poetry book that would soothe your current emotions and encourage you to keep going, to live your best life! And Still the Lotus Flower Blooms is a collection of short inspirational poems with spiritual themes that will build up the courage within to never give up.

Love Phoebe

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