A fascinating collection of past life memories. Both inspiring and healing.”

“A remembering… a truth we had forgotten, or hidden, or pushed aside. ”

“I could feel my own unresolved and unhealed past trauma, and I learned how to accept it as part of my own evolution in time.”



To the inner witch within all of us. May your presence be free. May your story be known.


A note from Phoebe

Throughout my life, I have felt a profound connection with witchcraft. From childhood, I can recall practicing rituals in the early hours of dawn, following an incantation that I could only explain as being a fabrication of my imagination. But even though I downplayed these visions and experiences as chance, there was a supernatural element to them. The organic progression that evolved from start to finish, and the power that changed within me from doing them, could not be explained. They just felt so natural and organic, as though they were embedded within me from lifetimes before. And it wasn’t until my adult life that I realized the rituals I was practicing all had a pagan connection of witchcraft woven through them. Yet, despite this epiphany of knowledge, I felt fear when attaching myself to it. There was something holding me back from truly owning my connection to witchcraft, but I couldn’t understand why. There was an urge to reveal more, yet, a deep shame that came with it. When I followed the golden thread of questions to find the reason why, I wove that thread throughout my life, but it took me to the beginning. And then I realized, this fear didn’t belong to me, it was a fear from someone in lifetimes before. 

I had always been curious about past life regressions and I had embarked on them several times throughout my life. I have had incredible journeys visiting my past lives, but I had never visited them with the intention of learning about my witchcraft heritage. And so, that was my intention, to reveal the truth of my witchcraft ties. I was not expecting to discover not only the answer to my question but also to reveal a deeper understanding of myself in this life path. In this book, I share these findings with you.

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