A reminder that the light and dark make us what we are.

“We have the power to steer our understanding to our benefit.”

This collection of inspiring poetry soothes my soul while healing my shadow self.



Can you feel it? There’s a shift in consciousness.
We are learning a new way to love ourselves, and it’s working.


A note from Phoebe

The feelings of despair and sadness have stained my life more often than I would like to admit. They can disappear for a while but they never go away completely. The more I try to hide their truth, the louder their cries become. It wasn’t until I learned how to honor the darkness within me, that I finally found the peace that I was craving. Feelings of loss, sadness, or loneliness are a normal part of our life. Although it is not normal for them to overtake our mentality all of the time, some of the time, yes. We need to find an even balance between the two. My greatest form of healing when going through difficult periods has always been journaling. It would be my safe space to escape to, while I would self-reflect and release all the built-up emotions within me. And here, I would let them breathe, so they may transform into something better, more useful for my day ahead. These journaling entries became my source of inspiration and reflection. I was able to analyze the problem at hand, release my emotions and remind myself of the divine light within me. This poetry book encompasses many of these personal journaling extracts. And I chose to share them with you in the hope of helping another to not feel so alone. It takes time to heal ourselves, but with the right tools, I believe we are all capable of doing this. And through my poetry books, I share spiritual insight and motivation to do just that. To help you find the light within you, to honor the experiences you are going through. And most importantly to remind you of the abundance of beautiful miracles that exist around you.

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