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My Favorite Guided Meditations 


If you’re looking to make one change in your life that will impact your wellbeing, and strengthen your intuition, let it be meditation. 

Meditation is the one thing I hold close to my heart for it enables change within our mind, and our outlook on life. This is the tool that provides peace and clarity from inside ourselves and this calming vibration spreads out to the world around us. 

Meditation has proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, ease depression, enhance self-awareness, improve your sleep, and increase your focus. 

Once you learn how to harness the power of meditation, you will enter a state of utter bliss upon the first moment of closing your eyes. The more you consistently practice meditation, the greater rewards you will reap. 

If you’re ready to give meditation a try, or you’re already well on your meditation journey, here is a list of my favorite guided meditations I’ve created: 

1. Meditation for Grounding, Energy Cleansing and Rejuvenation 


In this video I will take you on a journey to the spiritual realms to rejuvenate your energy with deep healing and grounding. This guided meditation is perfect for beginners!


2. Meditation to Choose Between Two Choices


Are you facing a decision but are unsure which path to take? Use this powerful meditation to see clearly what is the right choice. Tap into your intuition for perfect decision making. Follow the instructions and become crystal clear about what you truly want and which of the two choices will produce the best outcome.

3. Guided Meditation to Nurture Your Heart 


In this guided meditation you’ll be taken to the spiritual realms to connect with your Higher Self, to harness angelic energy, and absorb the abundance of positive vibrations that surrounds you,  to heal yourself and provide deep nurturing for your heart.

4. Meditation to Cleanse Your Soul


This guided meditation is perfect for you if you have been feeling heavy or tired, if you feel unmotivated or chaotic. If you are having difficulty making decisions, or are feeling a lack of love or no self-confidence, then it’s time to cleanse your soul!


5. Guided Meditation for Healing Emotions


If you have been feeling worried or stressed with built up anger or sadness, this guided meditation for healing emotions will make your day! Using visualizations and spiritual philosophy, we will ground your soul and heal your troubles in this deeply nourishing and nurturing meditation.

6. Let Go of the Past Meditation


Learn how to let go of the past in this deeply healing and nurturing guided meditation. Together, we will reveal the energy you are holding onto and release that energy in a safe and protective way. You will then allow yourself to replenish and rejuvenate your energy with positive and nurturing vibrations.

7. Meditation to Feel Healthy and Heal Your Body


Relax your mind as you listen to this guided meditation to feel healthy and heal your body. Our lives are so busy, so chaotic, so stressful, but they don’t need to be. The moment you start to give yourself love and peace is the moment you will feel the true gifts of life.

8. Meditation for Manifestations


In this meditation, I will guide you to the unseen realms where you will bathe in the sacred waters of manifestations to call forth your greatest desires.

9. Meditation to Accept Your Life


In this meditation we will let go of the life you think you should have and accept and honor where you are right now. You will finish this meditation with trust in the divine timing of your life, with complete peace and knowing that everything is as it should be.

10. Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation


In this meditation you will journey to the unseen realms, where we will meet your spirit guide. I will guide you there, and give you your own space to talk to them and ask any question that you need. Your spirit guide is able to bring forth great wisdom and guidance to assist you on your life path and journey.

I would love to hear which one you tried and what you felt after. If you’re willing to share, let me know in the comments below. 


Love Phoebe 

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