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The Earth Feels Different Here


Have you ever felt like that before? That the ground in different countries provides you with unusual energy unlike you have ever felt before?

Each land we visit radiates a different vibration from the incredible contrast of cultures, but there’s a deeper energetic pull coming from the ground that changes you.

Perhaps that’s the real secret of the desire for endless travel, to feel that exact energy unlike anywhere else you have ever been.

Phoebe Egypt

This energy I feel today from the ground is providing me with a great sense of knowing.

A strong certainty in my mind that I am divinely supported by the universe.

That I am completely in alignment with the pathway of my destiny.

I feel the strength of mother nature’s love as it grounds my soul so deeply in my body that I am at peace, I am balanced, and my thoughts are complimentary to my world.

This exact reason is why I crave nature.

It’s why I need the sunshine upon my skin every day because the gifts that it gives are irreplaceable, they are priceless, and they are a part of me, this love for nature and sunshine is engraved so deeply within my heart that there is no other way, there is no other option of how to spend my day.

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, to check-in, to touch the earth, to feel the kisses of the sun, as I hear the words from the universe tell me – “you are loved, you are here for a reason, you have endless energy flowing within you, go create some magic and tap into this abundance, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Love, Phoebe

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