Where is Home

I’ve been searching for a place that feels like home for all my life. A place where I felt like I belonged. A space that soothed my soul from the moment I entered. A place where I felt heard, I felt safe and protected.

Phoebe traveling

My search took me across the world. And I touched as many countries as possible, looking for the answers to tell me who I was. I felt the energy around me, wondering if this was where I belonged.

Phoebe beach

I thought I found it once, as I lived carefree and wildly amongst the salt water kisses and scorched sunlight rays. It was a place where the trees whispered gently in the wind, where the food was fresh and local, where the culture was open minded and warm.

But something wasn’t right after awhile. The feeling of loneliness crept in, and the energy of the Earth was not enough to fulfill my cravings. And although I felt a little bit closer to my place, it still wasn’t my home.

Phoebe in Australia

I traveled and lived overseas for many years. And I finally headed back to my family and the country I was born. I realized here that although they were important and I felt safe and grounded. But still, it didn’t feel like home.

Their love could always be felt from afar.

Across oceans, their energy was vibrant in my heart. I knew they were with me. But still, I couldn’t find a place to call my own.

Until one day I gave up searching and it was here that everything finally made sense.

I realized that home wasn’t a place that I would ever find.

Because my soul has journeyed through this Earth many times.

There’s not one place that I would ever feel like I would belong.

Phoebe feeling at home

So instead, I decorated my body, and my mind, and I created a home within my heart.

A place where I felt peaceful, connected and alive.

It was a safe space where my soul could fully thrive.

And finally I realized, I had found my home.

Love, Phoebe

2 responses to “Where is Home”

  1. Mini says:

    Omg my thoughts exactly… love how you can touch my soul with your writing ✍️… sending you good vibes and love ❤️
    Than you!

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