Ritual To Accept Your Life

Are you having difficulty accepting your life?


Do you have high expectations for your life to be a certain way, but it’s not?

You’re not alone. Too often we wish for our life to flow in certain ways but it does not, and such experiences can halt us in our tracks, making us question which is the way forward.

In this blog, I’m going to share with you how to let those expectations go, and how to bring peace to your mind as you release these fears, worries, and stress.

Before we begin, remember that every challenge in your life was preconceived by your soul when it created your soul contract. And therefore, each difficulty that lies before you is there to grow strength and confidence in your being as you overcome it. But so often it is difficult to remember this, especially when we are surrounded with chaos.

To help you see the wisdom that lies in the challenge before you, follow this ritual to calm yourself, ground your soul into your body, and from this space of acceptance and understanding, you will be able to view your life as it is, and furthermore you will see and understand that everything happens for a reason.

Ritual To Accept Your Life



I trust where I am right now. I accept my life as it is, at this moment.

I keep my eyes focused on my goals and release any fears as I open my heart to the magic of the Universe.

Sacred Space:

To commence your ritual, open your sacred space by taking a few deep breaths and calling upon the following Universal energies

Fire Energy: I call upon the energy of Fire. Come forth and illuminate the pathway so that I may see things clearly.

Earth Energy: I call upon the energy of Earth. Come forth and ground my soul into my body so that I may feel your nurturing love and support.

Water Energy: I call upon the energy of Water. Come forth and soothe my emotions as I navigate this unknown pathway.

Air Energy: I call upon the energy of Air. Come forth with your breath of fresh life, and help me see things clearly.

Spirit Energy: I call upon the energy of Spirit. Come forth and whisper the truth of what it is that I need to know today. 

Action: To support your ritual, choose an exercise (or both) below to ignite the power from the unseen realms.


Taping Exercise

Follow the taping exercise in my video to release negative tensions from your body.


Relax and unwind in this deeply nurturing Guided Meditation to Accept Your Life

Closing the Ritual:

Repeat the opening of the sacred space in the form of closing, giving gratitude and thanks for the presence of Universal Energies. State your intention as an affirmation: “I have released my fears and I have opened my heart to the magic of the Universe. I accept my life as it is.”

To calm yourself when life gets overwhelming, you need to create the practices to ground yourself and bring your awareness into the present moment. This helps you be more present, and in the present moment there is no space for fear.

Being present can feel like meditating with your eyes open. You’re able to observe life with no judgment, no thoughts or definitions, simply just by being aware and conscious of life flowing around you. 

Return to this ritual, whenever you feel like you’re not happy with where you’re at in your life. 

Love Phoebe


PS: I have more spiritual tools that can help you be more present in your life in my book Align With Soul.  And please share your experience with this ritual  in the comment section below.

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