Sacred Space

How To Create Your Sacred Space


Creating our sacred space is crucial to our happiness. 

It is in the sacred solitude that we can connect to our Higher Self, and give love back to ourselves. This in turn helps us to create the stability, security, and safety we need to learn more about ourselves, and about what makes us truly happy.

The purpose of creating your sacred space and a sacred altar is to honor yourself, and practice self-love. It’s a space that is beautiful to you, and its purpose is to connect you to your spiritual side.

When we regularly connect to our soul in the unseen realms, we become more grounded. We can feel ourselves more and harness the Universal wisdom to live the life that we desire. We can ask our soul for advice with each life challenge that we face, and we can align with our life’s purpose.


What Should You Do In Your Sacred Space? 



  • Journal


  • Perform Rituals


  • Creatively Express


  • Connect To Your Intuition

How To Create Your Sacred Space? 



1. Select Your Sacred Space

Ideally, you want to set it up somewhere where it can just be your own space. If you’re unable to have your own space right now, try creating an area that is just for you. It doesn’t need to be big. It can be a windowsill, a nightstand, a corner, a shelf, or you can create it in a little box.

Decorate it with things that make you feel good, that represent yourself. Fill it with items such as photos, drawings, figurines, flowers, crystals.  



2. Set Up Your Altar

To create your sacred altar you need to find something to represent each of the five elements of Universal Energy: 

  • Fire Energy: represents transformation, it ignites creativity and sexuality. 
  • Water Energy: represents nurturing our emotions, a reminder to surrender to the flow of life. 
  • Earth Energy: represents grounding and stability, it provides nourishment and harvesting.
  • Air Energy: represents lightness of being and clarity in our mind. 
  • Spirit / Aether Energy: represents yourself, and your spirit guides, ancestors, angelic energy that you wish to honor. 
Sacred Altar

You don’t have to spend money to create your sacred altar. You can use anything from around the house, or whatever you find on your nature explorations. Anything that has meaning to you, and brings you joy can become a part of your sacred altar. 

Rearrange the items however you’re feeling drawn to. There is no right or wrong answer on how you set up your altar. 

If you would like to learn more about creating your altar and setting up your space, I recommend you to read my book Align With Soul. There is a chapter on sacred space and you can learn how to harness the energies to support you on your journey.


3. Connect With Your Sacred Space

I like sitting down in front of my sacred space, whenever I want to create a ritual, or I want to meditate or journal. When you sit down and connect to your sacred space you remember you’re connecting to your Spiritual Self. 

Sacred Space Meditation

Touch the things on your altar, and connect with the energy that each piece brings you. Express gratitude for the gifts it presents to you. 

It’s your sacred space, so explore how you connect with it. See what you need on a particular day, and get creative to harness the energy that can support you. Connect to your Spiritual Self, and nurture your connection with your Higher Self in the unseen realms. 

Get into the practice of using your sacred space to give love to yourself so you can then give even higher vibrations out to others. The more we learn about ourselves, learn what makes us happy and how to nurture and honor our soul, the more pleasurable life will become. 


Love, Phoebe 

PS: If you need some ideas on what Rituals to perform at your sacred space, I recommend reading my Sacred Space Rituals book. In it, I explore rituals that nurture and protect your inner power. 

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