Are you ready to let go of your past relationship and move on with your life?

Have you been trying to heal this pain in your heart but still don’t feel quite yourself?

Perhaps it’s been quite a while since this relationship ended and you’re frustrated that you are still thinking about your ex and just don’t understand why …! You might even be angry at yourself for still not being over it!

Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone.

Time definitely heals all, but there are a few things that you can do to help speed up this process.

But before anything happens please ask yourself:


Are you ready to let go of your ex and move on with your life?


If the answer is yes then it’s time to forgive yourself for not getting over this relationship quicker than you thought and give yourself permission to heal.

This is for You if:

➤ You’ve just gone through a breakup.

➤ You’re having a hard time releasing an old love.

➤ You’re needing emotional support after a heartache.

➤ You’re ready to start a gentle healing process.

➤ You’re ready to receive the love you are worthy of.



Course Includes: 

10 Guided Meditations to support your healing.

Ritual to cut the cord with your ex-partner.

Ritual to cleanse items from your ex-partner.

7 Journaling Exercises to help you reflect, heal and manifest your future.

Spiritual techniques, and videos to help ease anxiety.

This heartache that you feel is an opportunity for great growth within your spirit.

Because when one cycle ends, a new cycle begins, but sometimes we spend so long looking at the old way of life or daydreaming about what could’ve been that we don’t see what miracle is presented before us. And so, this really is a wonderful opportunity to evolve into who it is that you’ve always wanted to be. It’s a time to create a life that you are proud of, one that you’ve always dreamed about. But first, we need to heal your broken heart in order to move on. And in just 10 days, this is exactly what you will do.

By the end of this course, you will feel in control of your life again.

You will have made peace with your past, have gained clarity on the experience and learned the valuable life lessons were needed to be heard. You will vow to never allow your happiness to depend on anyone other than yourself. You will wake up excited for the day ahead, living more peacefully and more mindfully in the present moment.

But to get to this space of understanding and letting go, it requires a level of commitment from you. You need to make the decision within yourself to really let this heartbreak rest and have a strong desire to move on with your life. And if you aren’t feeling this way yet, that’s completely fine, just save this and come back when you are ready. But if you are ready and have this motivation to heal then read on.

Every day you will learn something new that will shift your mind into a new perspective of how you view your past relationship. You will then complete a journaling exercise to cement this new perspective and give a voice to your emotions in order to release them from your mind. And finally, you will listen to a very powerful, energy healing meditation.

These journal exercises and guided meditations are carefully created to clear this pain and stagnant energy within your body so that you can open your heart and mind to new beginnings.

Every step is crucial to your healing process and each exercise will provide you long-lasting results. You will discover lifetime techniques to help ground your soul into your body, release blocked energy, and calm your mind. You will get into a strong meditation practice which will benefit your mind, body, and soul immensely and set you off on the right path to having a successful and healthy life.

This 10-day program to heal your broken heart and move on with your life is outlined below:

10-Day Program

Day One:

Acknowledge Change

“I trust the Divine Timing of My Life”

Introduction (video)

I Give Myself Permission (video)

Grounding Technique to Self-Nurture (video)

Source Energy Healing Meditation (audio)

Day Two:


“What can this experience teach me?”

Spiritual Awakening (video)

Self-Reflection Exercise (video)

Journalling Exercise #1 (pdf)

Accepting & Forgiveness Guided Meditation (audio)

Day Three:

Let Go of Your Past Relationship

“I release what no longer serves me.”

Cutting the Relationship Energy Cord (video)

Journaling Exercise #2 (pdf)

Forgive & Let Go of the Past Guided Meditation (audio)

Day Four:

Cleansing Energy

“I reclaim the energy I have given away.”

Shamanic Breath Technique (video)

Energy Protection Guided Meditation (audio)

Shamanic Breath Technique (pdf)

Day Five:

Creating Boundaries

“Through Self-Love, I teach others the love I deserve.”

How to Create Boundaries (video)

Journaling Exercise #3 (pdf)

Boundaries Guided Meditation (audio)

Day Six:

Strengthening Our Intuition

“I have all the answers I need right now.”

Listening to Our Intuition (video)

Journaling Exercise #4 (pdf)

Divinely Blessed Guided Meditation (audio)


Day Seven:

Remembering Who You Are

“I am more than enough.”

Who Am I? (video)

Journaling Exercise #5 (pdf)

Manifesting Your Ultimate Life Guided Meditation (audio)

Day Eight:

Attracting Your Soulmate

“With an open heart, I welcome love into my life.”

Attracting Your Soulmate (video)

Journaling Exercise #6 (pdf)

Manifesting Your Ultimate Soulmate (audio)

Day Seven – Attracting Your Soul Mate

Day Nine:

Final Closure

“I have the power and strength to heal myself.”

Final Closure (video)

Calming Meditation (audio)

Journaling Exercise #7 (pdf)

Day Ten:

Starting a New Day

“I am worthy of miracles.”

Guided Morning Meditation (audio)

Positive Affirmations (pdf)

Click HERE to purchase Phoebe Garnsworthy’s How to Heal from a Broken Heart 10-day Ecourse

This ecourse is the miracle I’ve been praying for! I’ve been wanting to let go of my ex for so long, and I thought that since I was very attached to this person (on a soul level) it would’ve taken years to heal from the heartbreak, but I was wrong. The program really helped me overcome this heartache very quickly. By the end of the course I had completely let go of this person and held a newfound excitement for myself and life again. I am now focused on finding love and peace not with anyone but with myself!

I’m still meditating everyday and the course has helped me get into a healthy routine that’s balanced my mind, body and soul.

Would I recommend it to anyone to buy?

Yes! 100%!

Because of this course I was able to heal internal wounds that were deeply embedded.

I believe that if you hold an intention, ready to heal and let go from your heartache and are looking for peace within yourself, then this course will work wonders!”

– Riri Reed-

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If you find that this course is not working out for you, I will gladly offer a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Simply email me at phoebe @ phoebe garnsworthy . com

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